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passionate disruptors + industry veterans

Benji is a former professional gamer, having become one of the top 200 Fortnite players in the US while still in high school. Throughout his professional gaming career, he saw firsthand the challenges faced by the creator community which drives his vision for a new solution, eVerse.

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david b&w Team

David Wertheimer

Executive Chairman

David has been a groundbreaking entrepreneur and industry leader in streaming and digital media. He most recently served as President of Fox Digital, overseeing over 40 separate apps, with a social footprint of over 350 million users.

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Kyle Schmidt


Kyle’s career has focused on M&A, finance, and capital structuring, in addition to operational and strategic roles, including turnaround and growth experience across industries and company stages.

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felix b&w Team

Felix Baum


Felix has extensive experience building creator and social media platforms, blockchain, and streaming technology companies. He spent 10 years with Adobe, built the world's first popular mobile streaming platform, and created an Ethereum-based investor management and fundraising platform, which was acquired in 2021.

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Mike Mayer

Product Lead

Mike is an experienced product leader with strong operational, engineering, and team leadership experience, serving in various roles such as Chief Product Officer and Head of Product.

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Joel Freedman


Joel is an entrepreneur who has launched several successful startup companies; most recently a hospital business which he built from a startup to more than $1 billion in net revenue in less than ten years.

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Charlotte 1

Charlotte Miller

Marketing Manager

Charlotte is an established social media ecosystem native. Her academic career in cultural anthropology specialized in the analysis of digitally-built and digitally-based communities.

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Enzo Sison

Enzo Sison

Product Marketing Manager

Enzo started as a gaming YouTuber partnered with Sony and amassed over 5.5 million views, then worked as a Program Manager at Apple, and received a bachelor of science in UX design and computer science.

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