Early Access

Social Media meets Blockchain

We’re revolutionizing the digital economy by empowering creativity, and putting control back into the hands of users, creators, and the broader community.

Content Feed

The eVerse journey begins with the content feed. From here you can explore through the feed of dynamic animated thumbnails and easily navigate content from the eVerse creator community.

Connected Wallet

Sign into eVerse using any compatible cryptocurrency wallet, facilitate the use of utility tokens, and manage your digital assets purchased and earned on the platform.

NFT Minting

Every piece of content uploaded to eVerse is automatically converted into an NFT so you can digitally own and control your creation. This enables you to have your fans participate by purchasing NFT editions of the video, granting holders revenue distribution allocation as well as the  exclusive benefits you choose.

Revenue Distribution

Creators also have the power to manage the revenue distribution on their posts when they upload their creative works, and can allocate revenue percentages to their collaborators on the platform.  Team members are notified by messages and their connected wallets are populated. The established rules are automatically baked into the smart contract upon upload. We will take care of the administrative hassles by enabling a seamless process so you can focus on the creative work you do best!